Positive Reviews From Our Clients

We have been working with Rahamut and his team for over two years. The team at Price & Accountants are very professional, and always provide clear advice and guidance in a prompt and efficient manner. Beyond the day-to-day management of Price & Accountants, they provide us with solid financial planning advice, effectively taking on the role of an in-house financial director, which to a company of our size is invaluable.

Gabriel Terranova
Founder, Fresh Kit London LTD

I would recommend Rahamut and his team to any start-up in the financial services. While Price & Accountant are reasonably priced and offer a rare tech-savvy approach, they still provide a tailored service and top-notch accounting and tax insights.

Rémy Astié
CTO, Vauban LTD

The Price & Accountants team have been essential in helping us with our reporting and compliance needs. They have been accurate, thorough, and timely with our accounting and payroll reports. They are quick to respond when we have questions and we could not be more satisfied with the level of service we receive from them.

Tony Goodrow
CEO, Better Impact

We have been using Price & Accountants for the past year for setting up accounting for our UK entity and for running our routine accounting activities. Price & Accountants was very helpful in putting together a setup that worked well for us and merged with our existing international accounting and finance processes. Rahamut and his team are very responsive and always provide the highest level of service. They also proactively keep us up to date with any regulatory changes that may affect us. Price & Accountants has been a trusted component for our UK operations, and I would recommend them to anyone regardless of what size of a business you are running.

Mikko Tamminen
Director, Taskeater UK LTD