Empowering Small Business Growth Through Financial Expertise


Darran Smith, a seasoned entrepreneur renowned for his success in establishing and selling comprehensive cleaning solutions, spearheads the thriving enterprises of Purple Rhino Contract Cleaning (PRCC) and Purple Rhino SoftWash Systems (PRSS) in the UK. Our association with Darran began in 2014, sparked by an encounter at a marketing event. Recognising our proficiency, Darran entrusted us with his brands’ financial strategies, marking the commencement of a partnership that yielded immediate savings of £78K in corporation tax. This success served as the foundation for an ongoing collaboration centred on optimising cash flow, implementing tax efficiencies, and fostering overall financial success.

A Personalised Approach to Financial Transformation:

Collaborating closely with Darran and his financial director, Teodora Smith, we embarked on a transformative financial journey. Introducing the dynamic capabilities of a cloud-based accounting system (Xero.com) revolutionised their operations. This innovative tool empowered the sales team with digital quoting and sales utilities, facilitated efficient management of suppliers, streamlined vital invoice financing through prompt bank reconciliation, and revolutionised online payroll management. Our quarterly management accounts, delivered remotely, encompassed pivotal insights like profit and loss, balance sheets, revenue analyses, and tax planning strategies, equipping Darran with the information needed for strategic decision-making.

Overcoming Challenges Through Innovation:

Our partnership with Darran’s brands was not without its share of challenges, each met with innovative solutions:

  1. Invoice Financing Optimisation: Through vigilant monitoring of financial data, we effectively reduced the reliance on expensive invoice financing, allowing resources to be reallocated for more strategic investments.
  2. Directors’ Compensation Strategy: Our innovative approach to directors’ compensation strategy balanced cash flow optimisation and tax benefits, ensuring fair remuneration for founders.
  3. Adaptation to Market Fluctuations: Agile tax strategies were promptly devised to navigate shifting market dynamics, safeguarding PRCC and PRSS’s financial standing.
  4. Employee Retention Expertise: We provided indispensable guidance in creating employee retention strategies, a challenge faced by businesses globally.
  5. Navigating Expansion and Acquisition: Successfully establishing Purple Rhino SoftWash Systems (PRSS) and managing a new business acquisition in 2016 showcased our comprehensive capabilities, from incorporation and VAT schemes to seamless tax planning.
  6. Navigating the Covid-19 Crisis: In response to the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, we orchestrated robust cash flow plans, ensuring PRCC and PRSS secured crucial bank loans and navigated the storm

Achieving Remarkable Outcomes:

Our enduring partnership with Darran Smith’s brands produced remarkable results:

  1. Financial Empowerment: Meticulous financial planning facilitated optimised cash flow, maximised tax savings, and fuelled strategic expansion.
  2. Agile Tax Strategies: Swift adaptation of tax strategies fortified PRCC and PRSS against unpredictable market conditions.
  3. Efficient Operations: Implementation of cloud-based systems streamlined operations, enhancing financial management, decision-making, and business growth.
  4. Crisis Resilience: Our unwavering support during the pandemic underscored our commitment to Darran’s enterprises, securing vital loans and ensuring stability.

Pioneering Small Business Excellence:

Darran Smith’s brands epitomise the spirit of small business innovation. Our privilege to be part of their transformative journey underscores our dedication to driving financial excellence for small businesses, nurturing their sustained growth.

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