About Loopr:

Loopr is a cutting-edge company specialising in tracking products across various platforms such as Connected TV devices and web stores. Their innovative solution ensures compliance, maximizes visibility and drives revenue growth for clients like Amazon, Sony, Disney, etc.

At Price & Accountants, we have been the trusted financial partner for Loopr since its early days, providing a wide range of services to support its growth and success. From bookkeeping and year-end accounts to VAT returns, payroll, and pension management, we have been there every step of the way.


Loopr needed expert financial guidance to effectively manage their growing business. They required a comprehensive range of services, including basic bookkeeping, strategic financial planning, and assistance with fundraising to fuel their expansion.

Our Solution

As Loopr’s virtual finance director and accountant, we offered not only routine bookkeeping but also strategic financial guidance. Our team ensured that Loopr met its financial obligations promptly, including VAT returns and payroll processing. We also handled the complexities of pension scheme management, ensuring compliance and providing valuable benefits for Loopr’s employees.

Additionally, we guided Loopr through the registration process for the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). These schemes provide tax incentives to investors in small, early stage companies, making Loopr a more attractive investment opportunity. We also assisted Loopr in designing Employee Management Incentive (EMI) schemes and conducted company valuations on multiple occasions.

Furthermore, we helped Loopr secure a substantial R&D tax credit over a three-year period. This injection of cash not only provided immediate financial support but also served as validation for Loopr’s commitment to innovation and development. When Loopr entered venture capital funding rounds, we provided crucial assistance by preparing all necessary documents and reports. This ensured that potential investors had a comprehensive understanding of Loopr’s financial position and growth potential.


With our comprehensive financial support, Loopr could focus on its core business and growth strategies. Our cash flow forecast model provided a clear picture of their financial future, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding investments and expenditures. We played a pivotal role in helping Loopr raise share capital and secure funding, providing them with the necessary financial resources to scale their operations. This played a significant part in their successful growth trajectory.

Moreover, our efficient management of supplier and salary payments ensured that all stakeholders were paid on time. This smooth financial operation fostered strong relationships with suppliers and staff, contributing to the overall stability and success of Loopr’s business operations.

As a testament to their growth and accomplishments, Loopr is currently in the process of raising Series A funding.

Our services continued until Loopr appointed its own Financial Director. During this transition, we worked closely with the new FD to ensure a seamless handover and maintained the continuity of service.


Our financial expertise and comprehensive range of services have been instrumental in Loopr’s growth and success. From assisting with tax incentives and company valuations to securing significant R&D tax credits and providing essential support during capital funding rounds, we have provided the financial stability and strategic guidance that Loopr needed from the early stages of its journey.

At Price & Accountants, we take pride in the role we have played in Loopr’s success. We continue to support them as needed, and we are committed to empowering small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups with our expertise and personalised approach to financial management.

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